Barrier-free handrails are intimate products

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-03-27

Public construction is a key part of the state's fiscal expenditure. As the economic level of various city governments continues to increase, our public facilities are becoming more and more sophisticated. For example, the equipment used in public places is becoming more and more personalized.

Barrier-free handrails are a typical representative. It is one of the intimate products. Its main service target is the elderly and some people with disabilities.

In order to make them more convenient for public activities, they have designed barrier-free handrails for them in the construction process. It is used more and more in our lives. You can see it in public toilets or in various channels. See it in it, it provides a lot of convenience for our lives, let the vulnerable groups in these communities feel the government care for them, they are not a dispensable part of society, every person living in this society All have the right to get care from this society, even the vulnerable groups are one of the service targets of public facilities.