How to install the barrier-free handrails

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We need to set up two layers of handrails on both sides. The height of the upper handrail is about 0.85mm, and the lower handrail can be about 0.2mm. This height is also very suitable. The installation of the anti-collision handrail must be strong, because it is used for a long time, so it must be kept in a shape that is not easily deformed. Consumers must pay special attention to the problem when purchasing, if the purchase of the handrail is not good, Therefore, various problems are likely to occur during the use process, so in order to be popular, it is necessary to purchase qualified and good quality collision avoidance handrails.

Hospital barrier-free handrail installation method: anti-collision handrail accessories: aluminum alloy, rigid PVC cover, anti-collision strip, elbow, bracket, expansion bolt, elbow fixing screw.

1. Tools necessary for installing handrails: aluminum alloy cutting machine, impact drill (with M12 drill bit), hand drill (with M6 drill bit), grinding machine, socket wrenches No. 10 and No. 14, utility knife, tape measure, scissors, pencil , marker pen, hammer, etc.

2, the installation height, the general armrest is installed to the upper part of the wall is 90 cm off the ground

3. Measure the length and measure the wall surface of the armrest from left to right.

The places of use generally have hospitals, nursing homes, high office buildings, shopping malls, mainly used on both sides of the corridor, toilets, public toilets and other places.

As the society cares about the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant women, and the young children, it can be seen in many public places. This is an up and down facility that can help the elderly and the disabled to walk.