How to use the bumper corner to prevent your baby from bumping

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-07-24

Mom and Dad who have babies in the house will worry that the baby will come across, especially in the home where there are coffee table TV cabinets and other angular places. If the baby squats above, how painful it is, the baby is also very painful, then what? Use anti-collision corners ? Let's take a look at the anti-collision corner manufacturers.

First prepare some materials, scissors, double-sided tape, anti-collision corner materials and other items, as shown in the figure:

Then take a triangular material of the corner protector, and then, put a double-sided tape on it, and apply double-sided tape on all four sides.

Then take a wider angle of protection, this is mainly on the long plane corners, also reverse the material, and then put a long double-sided tape on both sides.

Then stick the double-sided adhesive triangle corner to the corner of the coffee table. When it is sticky, first align the inside corner with the corner of the coffee table, and then fit the flat position.

In the process of pasting, the original material may be wider and can not meet the needs of the paste. It is necessary to cut the wide material into narrower scissors, so that we can align and paste, which is more beautiful.

Next, use a wide material to wrap the edges and sides of the side and the plane. This can be attached with a layer of double-sided tape on the plane of the coffee table, so that it will be firmer when pasted, and the same method can be repeated. I know that I feel that the effect is achieved.