What are the requirements to follow when installing barrier-free handrails?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-05-08

Barrier-free handrails bring a lot of convenience to everyone, especially about some disabled people and the elderly. Barrier-free handrails are divided into two types: corridor handrails and bathroom handrails. They have different requirements on the device.

1. The barrier-free handrails of the corridors are required to be installed on both sides of the corridor. A device is required for the transfer of ramps and corridors or for both sides of the steps. The time for the barrier-free handrails of the device should be consistent and not vacant.

2, the barrier-free handrail device time is more important than the height of the device. Normally, the height of the barrier-free handrail device is between 80cm and 100cm. For the upper layer of some layered armrest devices, a height of 60cm is usually required.

3, the barrier-free handrail device needs to consider the anti-slip property of the armrest itself, so that it can be very tightly gripped. The color of the barrier-free handrail is different from the color of the stair railing and the wall, so that everyone can easily distinguish it.