Comparison of the characteristics of two different types of infusion racks

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-03

Infusion Stand is a common equipment in hospitals, we can see it at the hospital factory at present, the common types of infusion racks are two types of mobile and day-rail infusion racks, which are the characteristics of mobile infusion racks to facilitate the activities of patients, want to go to what area can be very convenient mobile carrying; You can also pretend to be a dust cover.


Infusion frame is used for hanging liquid medicine bottles or bags supporting supplies, is a necessary medical equipment, there are folding telescopic, day-rail, vertical and so on, all kinds of forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, the hospital room infusion using folding telescopic infusion frame better, infusion room seat-intensive infusion use of the day rail better, zero-plus infusion use movable vertical better.


Mobile Infusion Frame Features: Mobile infusion rack is also called the landing infusion frame; The base of the bracket is made of stainless steel, the base is equipped with 5 steering, the height is adjusted with threaded lock wheel, the infusion rod is made of stainless steel, the adjustment range is 1.2 to 2 meters, and most of the application sites are around hospital beds or outpatient rooms, clinics, etc.


The characteristics of the day-rail infusion frame: the use of stainless steel double rod boom telescopic hook for aluminum alloy, steel chrome production, lifting and adjusting is stepless manual free adjustment; dust-proof plus dust cover; The inner tube lifting height is about 0.5m, the distance from the ground height is about 1.5m, the height of the lifting distance is about 2m, and the outer tube length of the hanger frame is made according to the room height.