Anti-collision protection angle manufacturers to share the right choice of protective equipment

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-03-10

  Anti-collision guarding angleManufacturers tell you that the radiation protection in the field of radiation protection equipment used in accordance with the protection of the object points, radiation-resistant lead doors have personal protective equipment (such as protective clothing, lead glass, lead glass glasses, etc.), protective devices (such as protective doors, protective windows, etc.), according to the materials have building materials category, metal, lead glass and lead rubber category.


1. Building Materials Class Ray protection


This kind of protective material refers to various types of concrete, brick, barite, protective coating (filler), forming protective plate or plate for the radiation equipment room, radioactive source room, irradiation room, nuclear facilities, such as infrastructure shielding protection works of protective materials. In practical application, Henan Province hung Fu Health medical reminder that according to the type of radiation source, strength, energy and the characteristics of protective materials to design the protection requirements of infrastructure shielding facilities.


2. Metal-like radiation protection


Metal protective equipment refers to the use of metal materials and other protective materials by machining and assembling a variety of radiation shielding protective devices. Henan Province hung Fu Health Medical discovery, the use of such materials are particularly protective devices. For example, various specifications of electric manual ray protection doors, protective windows, protective screens, protective chairs, Nuclear Medicine for the Division of Medicine and storage kits, lead rooms, lead cans, lead bricks, radiographic testing lead room.


Protective paste Film in the case of wearing gloves, commonly used to protect skin pollution, especially organic compounds such as solvents, paints and dyes, not only through the skin into the body, and often cause occupational skin diseases. Casein Protective ointment can often play a good protective role.


In addition, the Henan province hung Fu Health care that the workshop should be set up distribution station or set up a special person responsible for management, its responsibility for the distribution of clean and effective protective supplies, collection of used protective supplies to repair and maintenance, to ensure that personal protective equipment can fully play its effectiveness.


The above is in Henan province hung Fu Health care about the selection of protective equipment need to pay attention to the details of the matter, I hope you will be helpful.