Development of medical curtains market

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Medical curtain is a commonly used equipment in the medical industry, the development and application of it in the past, small series after market analysis came to the following content.


The main reason for the focus of the medical device industry on low-end equipment is that the medical devices in some large hospitals are imported, and it is difficult for local medical device companies to succeed in high-end markets.


At the same time, due to the problems of medical industry itself, the competition of medical device enterprises is not only embodied in product quality, but also lies in the channel expansion with hospitals. Another reason for hospitals to choose to purchase foreign equipment is because the equipment providers are responsible for the risk of medical accidents. Once the equipment is in trouble, the factory will pay for it, it has nothing to do with the hospital. By contrast, none of the local medical device companies can afford the risk.


A price war and a hospital relationship are the things that medical device companies are passionate about, which makes it hard for local medical devices to gain recognition from high-end customers. China's medical device market size accounted for 14% of the total pharmaceutical market, compared with the global 42% level; In addition, compared with the global per capita equipment consumption level, China's medical device market in terms of per capita consumption level has 5-6 times the rise in space. Three first-tier cities generally choose foreign imported equipment, and hospitals in the two or three-tier cities do not have enough money to buy imported equipment, which brings opportunities for local medical device companies.


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