Anti-collision belt matching PVC protection angle, beautiful and practical

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

In your imagination, what is the quality anti-collision belt? I think there is a standard in every customer's heart.


But most of the quality is very good, the price is cheap, the service is good,


The medical anti-collision belt uses the high polymer for the outer ornament: Pvc,pp/abs, anti-corrosion, antibacterial, simple installation, easy maintenance, durable; style luxurious, color combination pleasing, suitable for high-end places to use; inner core for high-quality aluminum alloy design, fastening reasonable surface skin, fire resistance, light, clean and easy; protection wall , anti-collision, beautiful appearance, specially designed anti-collision rubber strips, played a shock-proof, impact-resistant, and anti-collision handrails together to use the overall protection of the wall, anti-collision, combat, anti-Chong.


PT-152 PVCAnti-collision Beltis widely used in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and other public places, its role is to protect the role of wall impact, and it is not only excellent anti-collision performance, but also beautiful appearance, used as a wall decoration very atmospheric decency, is a high-quality wall protection decoration products.


Hong Fujian Home of PVC anti-collision tape can be customized color, reliable quality, convenient distribution and more price advantage Oh, but also a lot of users are in use.


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