What are the renovation contents of the barrier-free handrail?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

Barrier-free handrails with the development of society more and more people, so now the Society for handicapped barrier-free handrails of the reform content are what? Please follow Hong Fujian's introduction for further information.


First, the body handicapped people with no barriers to the family renovation:


(1) The installation of stair handrails for disabled occupants living on the first floor without stair handrails, the construction of barrier-free ramps on the periphery of residential buildings, courtyards and unit doors, and the accessibility of disabled persons in their courtyards and living rooms.


(2) for the toilet (bathroom), the installation of grab rod, barrier-free handrails.


(3) for the bathroom to install a bath stool or to configure a bath chair, Non-slip Mat.


(4) for the disabled families with the needs and the installation conditions, the toilet seat or the modified toilet seat are configured.


(5) For disabled families in need, with crutches and wheelchairs for persons with disabilities.


Second, hearing, speech disabled home barrier-free handrail renovation content


(1) Install a flashing doorbell or a visual doorbell.


(2) Configure Flash alarm kettle.


(3) To provide hearing aids for hearing-impaired people with a need.


(4) For the need for speech disabled people to configure the Exchange version.


(5) for the need and meet the installation conditions of hearing, speech disabled families, for its modified toilet.


(6) Special induction cooker, electric pressure cooker and rice cooker for hearing and speech handicapped families.


Third, the Vision handicapped family barrier-free handrail reform content


(1) laying the blind or prompting the blind at the door of the staircase or unit.


(2) for the toilet (bathroom) installation grip, barrier-free handrails.


(3) Installation language intercom doorbell.


(4) for the bathroom to install a bath stool or to configure a bath chair, Non-slip Mat.


(5) Configure the multifunction language newspaper clock, the language electronic blind form, the blind telephone and the language electronic calculator.


(6) For families with visually handicapped persons who are in demand and in accordance with the installation conditions, they are provided with a seat chair or a modified toilet seat.


(7) For the visually handicapped families to configure special induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker.


These are different requirements for different configurations, want to know more about the content of the barrier-free handrails, please continue to pay attention to Hong Fujian.