Anti-collision guarding angle manufacturer to share with you qualified anti-collision handrails

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

Barrier-free facilities are becoming more and more important in today's society, and the phrase "old and old, as well as human beings, young and young, and human beings" is also keeping us awake. What is the performance of the barrier-free handrails in barrier-free facilities?


(1) Good quality barrier-free handrails are basically selected with antibacterial function of engineering plastics may be composed of plastic manufacturing, the appearance of color can be based on different places to determine, there are red, yellow, blue and other color selection, so that the elderly and disabled people to easily see the position of the handrail, but also can play a certain decoration effect.


(2) The appearance of the barrier-free handrails does not have a gap between the joints, can not be with rough thorn hand plastic burrs, otherwise it will affect the grasp of the feel.


(3) The wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe to at least 2mm above, in the weight of people to reach 75kg straight under the pressure will not occur bending and deformation.


(4) The handrail elbow radian should be suitable, generally make the handrail between the wall between the 5cm-6cm, not too wide and too narrow, too narrow will make the hand touch the wall, too broad may make old age and disabled people accidentally did not grip the arm. Thus, the quality of the barrier-free handrails is the selection of engineering plastics with antibacterial function or the composition of plastic wrapped 2mm thickness above the stainless steel pipe made, the appearance of no plastic burrs and seams, feel comfortable to grasp the merchandise.


Selection of qualified barrier-free handrails, choose the right anti-collision handrail manufacturers more important, Hong Fujian, has a decade of professional manufacturing experience in protection products, you are not the second choice.