How is the anti-collision handrail installed?

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OnAnti-collision HandrailThe installation, I believe is more than a few Hong-kin customers have doubts about the place: barrier-free handrails have screws? Barrier-free handrail installation fee not laborious? They also have the installation standard? In response to the above doubts, this issue of our content specifically for everyone to answer the relevant issues.


(1) The installation standard of anti-collision handrail?


The installation standard of barrier-free handrails needs to set up the installation plan according to local conditions, each bathroom design is not the same, so there is no specific standard, installation standard online will have some standard parameters, but Hong Fujian feel the most comfortable height needs customers to experience, this is the most suitable standard.


(2) What is the material of anti-collision handrail?


The barrier-free materials of Hong Fujian are mainly two kinds, one is nylon, one is stainless steel material. is also on the market the majority of people accept the highest material. Let's focus on the nylon bar. Nylon is also a kind of plastic, not what makes people unattainable material. Nylon material is a good toughness of plastic varieties. Barrier-free handrail wall thickness of the overall diameter of 35mm, stainless steel is GB 1.2mm thick, nylon 5mm thick.


(3) Handrail installation?


The installation screws and fittings of the barrier-free handrail Hong Fujian will be equipped for you, the installation of the first use of broken porcelain bits first broken porcelain, and then the drilling drill to drilling operations.


(4) is the fulcrum of the handrail on the ground waterproof?


In fact, drilling operation, Hong Fujian with the expansion of plastic particles into the most lock screws, the whole packed hole, is not to affect the waterproof.


This period of content Hong Fujian for everybody to introduce here, whether can solve for everybody? More exciting content, fresh product information stay tuned.