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Corridor Anti-collision Handrail

Corridor Anti-collision Handrail

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The following small series to give you a detailed introduction: Medical handrail


Corridor Anti-collision Handrail is a modern hospital indispensable barrier-free facilities, is generally installed in the hospital corridor on both sides to help patients with support.


Corridor Anti-collision handrails need to be targeted at different medical users, from home patients, people with disabilities, the elderly to the hospital to take care of their own living patients, the nurse needs the corridor Anti-collision handrails, and as a terminal product, must be solid, easy to use.


Corridor Anti-collision Handrail is made of PVC panel and base of aluminum alloy, it has antibacterial, fireproof, wear-resistant, wall-protecting, non-slip effect.


Applicable to hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. It can not only help the frail weak support walking, but also can play the role of protecting the wall.