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Medical Anti-collision Handrail

Medical Anti-collision Handrail

High quality MedicalAnti-collision Handrail, efficient service attitude, more customer choice and Hong Fujian cooperation


Due to the number of customers request to send samples to look at the quality, request color card together, you can choose color;


LE-152 PVC anti-collision Wall Board is widely used in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and other public places, its role is to protect the impact of the wall, in addition it is not only excellent anti-collision performance,


Also the appearance of beautiful, used as a wall decoration is very atmospheric decency, is a high-quality wall protection decoration products.


This wall panels with more than 51mm protection angle installation, with the color of the more high-grade, our products are cartons of long packaging good shipping


Lined with aluminum and shell PVC separately packaged;


This way, the customer received the arrival of a glance at the view, very clear.