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Medical Handrail

Medical Handrail

Characteristics of Medical Handrail:


1, Anti-collision handrails using high polymer exterior: ABS, PVC, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, wall-resistant fall firmly and reliable, beautiful and practical.


2, color model variety, can meet the different styles of the environment needs;


3, medical handrail installation and maintenance convenient, durable;


4, medical handrails with flame-retardant, antibacterial, simple modeling, easy to clean;


5, the core high-quality aluminum alloy design, fastening and reasonable;


6, installed in hospitals, welfare institutions, guesthouses, nursing homes and other public facilities to assist the elderly, disabled people to walk.




1: Anti-collision handrail: The panel is plane skin grain plate, size 140mm, base height, length 55mm*90mm


2:PVC shell thickness ≥2mm;


3: Material: The surface layer of PVC, elbow and bracket for ABS, base for the oxidation of aluminum alloy treatment.


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