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About Us

Henan hung Fu Jian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered in Xinxiang Bureau of Commerce and Industry on October 20, 2014, main medical curtain, diaphragm track, mobile infusion racks, anti-collision handrails, barrier-free handrails, anti-collision angle, anti-collision belt, medical equipment, oxygen equipment and so on, the company's office address is located in the Changyuan, Henan Xinxiang Changyuan County 15 Li River, we have excellent products and professional sales and technical team, the company developed rapidly, we provide customers with excellent products, good technical support, sound after-sales service, if you are interested in my company's product services, please message or call to inquire.

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Tin-rail infusion racks and rails

Easy to adjust, flexible, convenient, labor-saving, integrated protective cover design

Rail infusion Stand

Applicable to different infusion forms, there are a variety of material colors to choose from

Anti-collision Handrail

Professional design of high-quality aluminum alloy, design beautiful, scratch resistance and corrosion-resistant antibacterial, easy to install clean

Wall panel, guarding corner

With good fire resistance/guarding angle is the installation of wall-mounted, effective protection of building wall outer



Medical Bed Curtain Series

Hospital-specific beds, dustproof, antibacterial, durable, no deformation after washing, no fading, pollution-resistant

Medical Curtain Track Series

Aluminum alloy M-type rail/thickness good/difficult to deform/rust/hand-pulling light smooth/safe and stable

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Henan hung Fu Jian Medical Equipment Trade Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Feng

Mobile: 18237372225

Phone: 0373-8752668

Email: 1127355164@qq.com>

URL: www.hfjylsb.com

Add: 15 Li River Industrial Park, Meng Gang town, Changyuan County, Henan Province